fine contemporary art

Alexis Hale, Hale Fine Arts

My love of art, and more specifically the creative process, is the driving force behind my aspirations to become an artist.  This passion has evolved from my varied experiences spanning a time-frame from early childhood until present.  The inspiring moments that have provoked me to hone my skills as an artist began at a very young age. Being born into a very creative and free-thinking family offered me an advantage that most of my peers were never afforded; the ability to move from city to city and coast to coast during the highly influential and formative years. 

Living in vastly different regions of the U.S.:  Pennsylvania, California, Washington, Louisiana, Indiana, Florida and  finally in settling in sunny Arizona, gave into transient experiences that have had an enormous impact on my work as an artist.  To me, each new environment  offered a broader view of the world. It was in this view that I discovered the many dualities that affixed life.  I have always taken notice of and admired the subtle, yet finely tuned, balance between opposing subjects. Whether found in nature or by means of human creation, this steadiness has ultimately been dependent upon the balance of friction.  Visually, I have found this interplay between friction and balance to be so illuminating that I have made it the central focus of my work for many years, be it found in subject matter or simply color.

Thematically, I focus upon two stylistic series of work:  nature and contemporary-abstract.  Even within the complementary styles of my work I continue to expose this equipoise between friction and balance.  My natural series requires control and intention, while my abstract series requires freedom and accident.  Although I spend the majority of my time creating contemporary-abstract pieces, my natural series has a very special place in my heart, as these works are reminiscent of my early childhood; a peaceful and introspective time in my life spent under the cloudy veil of the Pacific Northwest.  

When I think ahead toward my artistic future and creative endeavors, I will continue to strive to represent this delicate balance that presupposes stability as a necessity for harmony.  I will continue to work within this frictional style to develop a sense of unity and equilibrium representing our ever-changing environment.  The juxtaposition that allows for frictional tension between objects will be further exposed and developed with the use of color and texture and occasionally 3-dimensional space. These details allow me to express the random and yet harmonious nature of life. I also plan to incorporate found objects to further this exposé of sustained balance between the senses.